Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | November 7, 2009

For Health Care Reform – Against Congressman McMahon

Today I learned that US Congressman Michael McMahon (D-NY), who represents my district and some parts of Brooklyn, has decided to vote against the Health Care plan currently sitting in Congress. In outrage, I wrote him the following letter, which I also sent to various papers in the City:

“As I sipped my morning cup of coffee today, I opened the SI Advance online to find that you have decided to vote against the current Health Care reform bill that is in congress. As a Democrat in a mostly red district, you were elected to bring change to the area, not to do politics as usual. Apparently you are going the way of your neighbors in New Dorp, but evidently you are not thinking about the mostly blue-collar residents of areas like St. George and Tomkinsville, which you also represent. Siding with Republicans and going against the president whose candidacy certainly helped you get where you are is highly disappointing. I urge you to change your position. Ignore the ignorants who have been staging tea parties in your neighborhood, and vote not thinking of your seat in Congress – but for the greater good of the United States of America. Remember, there are plenty of Democrats in your district that will go ahead and unseat you if the Health Bill fails to go through in Congress.”

I urge everyone to do the same – write to your Congressman – we cannot continue to keep the same status quo that has allowed millions to go without health insurance.


  1. How can he vote against an effort to reform a system that is a national disgrace. We spend twice a much per capita on health care as England and Canada, yet have tens of millions uninsured. Furthermore our life expectancy and other health care states such as infant mortality barely surpass those of the countries spending half or less. McMahon is a disgrace to his party.

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