Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | November 25, 2009

Thoughts on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving – one of the most important Holidays in the US calendar – is a time when we look back on the year that has almost passed and pause to reflect on what we should (or shouldn’t, some may say) be thankful for. 2009 has been a very positive year for me.

Even though my writing assignments took a bit of a tumble as the economical situation in the US worsened (and indie publications turned to, I was fortunate enough to have scored a teaching position at ASA College here in New York which has allowed me to maintain – at least on a certain level – my usual lifestyle and also to concentrate on writing from the heart (and getting my long-delayed short story collection almost done) whilst still keeping bill collectors far away from my door.


Although there were some frustrating moments during this time – several projects I was hoping to see to come to fruition either were put on hold or simply disappeared, while a few professional relationships went south due to reasons that were too silly to even take into account. But then again such is life – you can’t predict everything that might happen during the course of a day. I am thankful for the friendships that have either developed, grown or returned during this year. Without these people, I would not have been able to achieve many of the things that I have this year (special shout-out to Anna K and Amber @ Summerstage – I can’t thank you enough for the door you opened to me). And of course I am also thankful that things are going so well with my wife Renata – three years have gone by and it feels like we’ve only just begun… So those are the things I am thanking the Lord up in Heaven for… and the other things I might have forgotten to say or people I have forgotten to acknowledge… but that He knows about.


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