Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | February 26, 2010

RIP Bipartisanship

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The recent developments in the current political situation in the United States has shown that bipartisanship is definitely dead and gone. When we all expected debate and evolution, we find a deadlock on both sides: the Republicans doing whatever they can to make sure any initiative by

President Obama fails, while Democrats continue divided between the idiotic Blue Dogs (here

I include the hateful Michael McMahon, who I will refer to as The Red Democrat from now on),

the vengeful left extremists and the undecided centrists.

Who loses with all this? The American people.

For those reading from abroad who happen to have become tired of my rants over US politics, please bear with me. It is getting harder and harder to live here in the current climate (would I leave? With the right offer, definitely) where political agenda seems to have become more important than the people that Congress and the President himself are supposed to represent.

Take a look, for example, at the recent face-off between Pres. Obama and defeated Republican John McCain. The Arizona senator ranted on and on about things that had little to do with the issues, while

the President tried to get him to focus on the issues. Unfortunately, the former Maverick has become a puppet of the right-wingnuts who don’t seem to care about covert invasion of privacy (proposed by former Pres. Bush) but strangely oppose to anything liberals propose.

Maybe it’s time that we end the two-party system once and for all. Let the wingnuts form an official Tea Party while the extreme left creates an opposing group. Allow them to snarl at each other while the rest of us – regardless if we are Republicans, Democrats or Indepentdents – finally get some work done.

Otherwise, we might just become the laughingstock of the world… if we haven’t done so yet

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