Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | March 19, 2010

One Man, a Camera and Nature


Last Thursday I attended an arts event for nature photographer Artur Tabor at the Polish Consulate in New York, and was impressed by what I saw. Throughout the exhibit, there were photos of wild animals taken in their natural habitat, in preserved woods located (mostly) in Eastern Poland, where the artist lives with his family.

During the program, Tabor took the microphone and explained that he spends months on end in the forests of his native country in camouflage so he can get candid photos of the different species (especially birds) going about their lives – feeding their litters, hunting and foraging for food.

The photos included in the exhibit (which can be seen on his website at ) we saw eagles in flight, wolves, red squirrels and

several other images. As Polish Consul General Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka said as the program

began, the exhibit was not about “the pain suffered by the Polish people,” but about the little-known forests and preserved areas of her country – one of the few untouched areas in all of Europe.

The event also included a short documentary about the area around the River Bug spanning from spring to fall, when migrating birds make their nests, procreate and then move on to warmer climates when winter approaches.

She also encouraged visitors to the country (there was a minority of English speakers in attendance) to take the time to discover

Although Tabor’s work has been published in several publications around Europe (including the Polish version of National Geographic), his work is apparently unknown outside the Old Continent. Hopefully, this show will change that, as Mr. Tabor’s work is a wonder to be seen – even for a city guy like me.

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