Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | December 10, 2010

Remembering John Lennon, 30 Years On


  1. Thanks for the memory sharing. Great blog and take back.

    • Thank You Kelly… and hello to all in Cleveland

  2. The first LP I had in my life was John Lennon’s Mind Games, I played that particular song with the same title of the album like 700 hundred times until it got scratched.

    There are those who leaves us too soon, there is a myth that says that the gods want the best ones sitting at their side… who knows.

  3. Mine was Yellow Submarine… if memory serves right. I also remember a Sesame Street LP

  4. Olá Ernest,
    Ótimo artigo ! Republiquei no site da igreja :).


  5. I remember what I was doing on December 8 1980: flying to the USA. The captain informed us of the death of JL. We could not believe it until we got off the plane.

    • I didnt believe it either…. it took a long time for that to sink in

  6. […] I was when I learned that John Lennon had died (I blogged about that in a recent post on my blog ( ) but that only led me to discover more about their […]

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