Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | March 29, 2011

Out with racist, homophobic Brazilian congressman

Brazilian Federal congressman Jair Bolsonaro was answering questions to a TV panel on a recent broadcast. Apparently, the  guy is one of these right-wing nuts with a hard-on for the country’s military past. When singer Preta Gil – a black entertainer who is also the daughter of famed singer Gilberto Gil – asked him what he’d do if one of his kids turned gay or married a black woman, he said “that is not a risk. My children were very well raised and do not socialize in areas where people like you do.” Now left-wing organizations are calling for his head, because in Brazil racism and homophobia are considered felonies.
However, in the country Federal congressmen and women are protected like diplomats and cannot be arrested unless they are either impeached or if Congress authorizes the arrest to happen. Preta Gil is now suing for moral damages, and several organizations are doing the same.
I say tar and feather that guy. Then take him for all he’s got.
Here is the news story in Portuguese
and a translated version via Google translate


  1. The translation was not good, but I caught what was happening. He is a racist and homophobe, pure and simple.

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