Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | July 26, 2011

Open Letter to Rep. Michael Grimm: Represent The People, not the GOP

Last November when the GOP took over control of the House during the Midterm elections, I did not really think of that as a Doomsday scenario because I thought of how historically presidents like Clinton, FDR and Reagan were able to negotiate their agendas with a Congress controlled by the opposing party. I even believed that Republicans – who until then were being labeled ‘the party of no’ – would finally put partisanship aside and work for the benefit of the nation taking a more centered approach.

How wrong I was.

Thanks to the GOP freshmen in both houses, we are facing an unprecedented stalemate that might even rival the historic government shutdowns of 1995 and 1995. That is because as far as the Tea Party- backed representatives and senators are concerned (and as various people in the party have repeatedly stated in recent months), the Republican Party has but one goal: to destabilize President Obama so badly that he will be a one-term president.

This is not why the people elected these men and women to represent us. During the midterm elections, many voters were driven by fear via the negative propaganda that the Tea Party and the GOP spread since the beginning of Pres. Obama’s term. From the distraction of the birth certificate controversy (which some pretty intelligent people actually believed in) to ‘pulling the plug on grandma’ and ‘death panels’ to serious concerns on spending and taxes, the machine was effective enough to get voters scared enough to put a bunch of right-wing idealists in power – which includes congressman Michael Grimm, who represents my district in Washington.

I have written Rep. Grimm repeatedly about my concerns on various issues, including the current debt ceiling showdown that prompted both the President and Rep. Boehner to address the nation on TV last Monday. And once again I say that Mr. Grimm – as well as his GOP colleagues in Congress – should put partisanship aside and represent the will of the people that gave them their jobs in the first place.

According to a recent poll published last week  by CBS News, as many as 75 % of voters disapprove of the way the GOP has handled the current situation. However,
Boehner and his cronies are not listening. Instead, they want to play politics –
or using Boehner’s own quote, “business as usual” – meaning make as much noise
as possible – to get their silly point across.

The fact is that giving tax breaks to millionaires is not working. The only thing that this Bush-era policy did to the country was raise the deficit. Big corporations are not hiring – instead, they are using these breaks to generate profits that send jobs overseas and give them their infamous fat bonuses and corporate jets – the same planes that often fly GOP candidates they support during elections. What we need to do is reduce the size of our military, close all corporate loopholes and end subsidies for large corporations that don’t need them in the first place. As far as taxes go, give
the shrinking middle class a break and make everyone pay their fair share.

As for programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, leave them alone. Our elderly need not be punished. They have worked and they deserve to have a certain degree of comfort during their final years. But more importantly, our representatives in Washington need to stop dealing with every single issue as if it were Election Day. Our nation needs immediate solutions that will keep things rolling in the path of
greatness – the greatness that has created the belief that this is a land of opportunity
and justice for all.

We cannot allow politics to stand in the way of the American Dream.  So I advise Rep. Grimm and all of you in elected office: Represent the people and do their will. Do your job and we will allow you to keep it.


  1. Amen Brother, AMEN!!!!!

  2. Must add that unfortunately the Tea Party based idiots are so afraid of their constituents that they are will to screw the country not to piss them off and get thrown out of office.

    I am predicting that the Republicans are going to let the country default. Their idea of sabotaging Obama is already backfiring and many will not be reelected behind this.

  3. You know, the Tea Party representatives do not only represent the tea baggers but their entire districts. They should be afraid of their entire voting population not some movement that is already getting weaker… The traditional GOPers hate these amateurs because they scare mainstream voters… and the rest of us just want them to go away

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