Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | April 5, 2012

The Spanish Kitchen


  1. Do you remember Luiz and Ana, our friends from Valencia that we met in Paraná() They used to cook an easy dish (tortilas) a sort of omelet with potatos and onions. Its an easy dish and also delicious . Also rice with peas, and chorizo , onions and of course saffron, a dish cooked in the oven.I used to make tortilas and I often do.

    • I remember them but have zero recollrction of their food. I often make tortilla… Rice with peas I do Jamaican style… Love chorizo bean and mushroom salad…

    • Actually that does make sense…

  2. Your chicken and rice sound delicious. Earlier in the week I made a Spanish romesco sauce that would go will with your recipe. I can’t wait to try your dish.

  3. […] of my favorite chicken recipes is the Spanish version of arroz con pollo, a simple recipe in which you cook the rice along with the chicken (at the same time). It is an […]

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