Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | September 17, 2013

Polish Cooking Adventures Part II: Bigos


  1. […] decided to cook a batch of bigos – a traditional Polish stew made with fresh and smoked sausage (I used the kielbasa I purchased […]

  2. […] exceptions I can think of – are very time-consuming from start to finish. An example of that is bigos, a stew made with cabbage and sausages that needs to boil for several hours – whenever I make […]

  3. […] me the most was the different takes on a single dish – there are eight varieties of bigos (also known as “Hunter’s stew”), including a vegetarian choice made with […]

  4. […] New Year’s Eve I made a large batch of Bigos (Polish Hunter’s Stew),a simple dish I have mastered over the years, with a side of mashed […]

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