Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | April 3, 2015

Easter Traditions: Brazil, US and Poland plus Brazilian Good Friday Recipe

It’s Good Friday, so here’s my offering on the topic from 2013

In the Kitchen and Around The World

Being both countries of immigrants,  The United States and Brazil have various Easter traditions that were blended together by the different nations that built the country over the years – for instance, Brazilians usually have codfish on Good Friday because Catholic tradition mandates that followers abstain from meats that bleed on that day.

Here in America, for example, many celebrate Easter Sunday by serving ham or roast lamb – the latter having come directly from the Jews’ Passover meal (lamb with bitter herbs and unleavened bread) that somehow crossed over and adapted to Christian tables.  Brazilians absorbed many Western European customs that came with the immigrants – from Italy they got the “Colomba Pascal,” a pigeon-shaped citrus fruit cake that is enjoyed around the country (but mostly in Sao Paulo) and stewed lamb, which symbolizes the slaughter of the sacrificial lamb.

In the northeastern city of Fortaleza there is the…

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