Posted by: Ernest Barteldes | November 16, 2015

No Recipes this Weekend – Let’s talk about Paris

By Ernest Barteldes

Today I was going to write about this great exhibit I saw at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn, but after the recent ISIS attacks in Egypt (the Russian jet that was apparently blown out of the air by a bomb), Beirut and more recently Paris last I find myself too angry to focus on entertainment.  Sure, we all need an escape from all the bad news around us, and although this blog was created to serve this purpose I just cannot put my blinders on and power through.

But unlike most people I am not just angry at the terrorists.  Sure, I hope we could rid ourselves of those crazies like anyone else, but I am also angry at everyone else who is using the deaths of innocent people to further whatever social or political agenda they might want to further, such as gun nuts who think that they could have stopped the terrorists carrying automatic weapons with whatever handgun they might have had on them. Those fools have spent way too much time watching Die Hard and James Bond movies – sure, they might have gotten lucky with one terrorist, but the true outcome would be that more innocent people would have been killed if they tried to play action hero.

However, I am mad at every single person who owns gas-guzzling cars and who demand cheap gas at the pump. No, I am not pointing my finger at farmers who need to fuel their trucks in order to get food to our tables, but those fools who think they are entitled to whatever power they can get just because they can – guess what, this forces the government to either make deals with countries that hate the hell of out us because we don’t get their oppressive ways. On the same note, I am angry at successive administrations who have done nothing to rid ourselves of our dependency of foreign oil – and those who mock those of us who think alternative forms of energy are some kind of psychedelic fantasy.

I am also pissed at the major news networks that ignore everything else going on in the world to give us minute-by-minute updates of what is going on at the site of the tragedy hoping for some kind of a last-minute scoop. Do you really think that audiences are going to waste time with your interviews with someone who was peeing in a restroom a block from the shots and heard something? Give me a fucking break. I understand you want your ratings and all, but there are thousands of events going on that deserve your attention. Anderson Cooper, do you really need to spend hour after hour reporting from Paris interviewing the same folks over and over without any logical answer?

I had recently moved to New York when 9-11 happened, and cringed at opportunists like Rudy Giuliani, George Bush and their ilk use the attacks to further whatever sick shit they had in their heads, and later I almost puked when I heard Donald Trump go out and make absurd claims about the 2nd Amendment.

Don’t get me wrong – I want these extremists gone as much as everyone does. On the same hand, I just cannot stand the fact that so many are using recent events to try and make this something else.


  1. I hear ya Ernest. These people are like an opportunistic infection. As soon as something jumps off they say see, if everyone had a gun…

  2. I so completely agree. It was like an instantaneous mobilization for personal agendas, and people were so caught up in their outrage that they forgot about compassion and humanity. 😦

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